21. September 2020

How many useless thoughts do you have during the day and do you believe your thoughts?

How loud is the noise in your head and are you able to reduce it? Is the noise in your head keeping you from enjoying your life, your family, your friends and your work?
5. Juni 2020

What is your passion? How your passion can contribute to strengthening your resilience…

Imagine you have a metering rule made of paper that is one meter long, like the ones you find in Ikea. Cut the metering rule according to your current age. For me this means, I turn 40 years old this year, so I cut off the first 40 centimeters. Now, what is the life expectancy in your country? In Germany, it is currently 83.4 years for women. Therefore, I cut off the remainder of the metering rule from 83.4 to 1 meter. What is left after this procedure? The lifetime that I probably have left.
24. Mai 2020

Two ways to strengthen your resilience and better connect to people

How do you do in times of #COVID19? What has changed for you and what has stayed the same? Take a moment and think about it. How is the #newnormal for you? And how do you #connect to your colleagues, superior, team members, your friends and family? How is your #energylevel and how #resilient do you feel on a scale from 1-10?
22. Mai 2020

Are you still breathing? How your breath reduces your stress…

Let me start with some thought provoking questions to the topic of breathing:

  • Are you still breathing? How do you breathe? Are you aware of your breath?
  • How does remote work affect your breathing?
  • What does stress do to your breathing?