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How many useless thoughts do you have during the day and do you believe your thoughts?

About me

I am a certified resilience coach and burnout prevention coach. I work with teams, and individuals to support them as a deep-sea pilot or coastal pilot through the sea of work and the sea of life. You can contact me here: linkedin.com/in/dr-nicole-helmerich-27430128 and you can get to know how I work in a free online workshop on resilience, stress reduction and personal development (dates and registration here: http://nicole-helmerich.com/free-workshop/ ).

Early morning traffic jam

You wake up in the morning, you have not even opened up your eyes yet and your mind starts working and is creating a traffic in your head that can also seem like a traffic jam, a sledgehammer or a carousel.

How many of these thoughts are useful? :

  • I have to answer this email. I have been ignoring it for days! I am such a coward!
  • I have to feed the dog. This is so annoying!
  • I do not like to have this meeting with X today
  • My partner is still snoring! Damn! Why do they have to snore, they are interrupting my thoughts!
  • I hate that it is raining….and then the thoughts start anew or you add some more to the list…

Does this sound familiar? How many of these thoughts are useful to have when waking up and eve before opening your eyes?

I argue almost none of them! And it is possible to reduce or to stop them!

Daily background noise

You open up your eyes, you start your day and you go to work. During the day, there might always be a little background noise, which is you talking to yourself. The background noise is like a radio playing but most of the times it is playing the same boring, nasty, destructive, insulting and repetitive thoughts that you would not wish for anybody else to have. The truth is, we all have them to a certain degree!

The background noise says:

  • You have failed to give a good presentation
  • Colleague X is better than me!
  • I will never succeed in doing such and such
  • Why did I not do this task two weeks ago?
  • I am worried about the project. It might fail next month

How many of these thoughts are useful to have? Do they help you solve anything? Do they motivate you? Do they make you smile? Do they relax your body?

No! I argue, these type of thoughts do the contrary – The noise in your head occupies the space you could use for other things! And it is possible to reduce the noise in your head or possible to even stop the noise all together!

The noise in your head stops you from being in the moment, being well, being relaxed in your body, feeling your breath, using your brain in a productive way and create new lovely ideas, things, projects, truly listening and connecting to others and in the long run they harm your resilience!

Late night speeding on a lonesome highway

It is late in the evening and you are lying in bed. The day is over and you are about to fall asleep. Your thoughts are running on a lonesome highway with no speed limitation.

They might sound like this:

  • I hope I fall asleep soon. I am soo exhausted.
  • Why can I not fall asleep? What is wrong with me? I am such a failure! SLEEEPP!
  • I hate this project. Why do I need to work in it? I hate my boss!
  • Can I still trust my teenage son? He got caught smoking the other day at school! I am a failure as a parent!
  • Why did I let my friend X down ten years ago when I could have helped them? I am not a good friend! I am not worthy to have any friends today!

Do you belief your thoughts?

Do you belief your thoughts? Do you think that all of your thoughts are true? Do you think that thoughts are reality? How do your thoughts influence your reality? Is this the reality you want?

I argue that you are NOT your thoughts and that you can learn how to realize, be aware of your thoughts and you can reduce the noise in your head.

I will continue to publish on this topic. Do not hesitate to reach out to me to start the conversation too.

Join us for a free online event on resilience, stress reduction and mindfulness

I would like to invite you to discuss this topic “reduce the noise in your head” with us today, Monday, September 21 from 6.30-7.30 pm in the free online workshop called treasure box.

We are certified coaches and created a Treasure Box for you – to build up your resources and your energy for your life and your work.

The treasure box will take place today and during the next months every second Monday on zoom. Every session is independent from each other. So you can join for every session or only every once in a while as you like it. We do things in practice rather than talk about things in the abstract! You can come in here and charge your batteries with two to three practices every session. Then you can recharge your batteries during the week on your own with the little goodies/exercises we offer here.

You can experience here:

  • exercises
  • practices
  • bodywork methods
  • resilience tools
  • mindfulness
  • personal development

As result of this could be stress reduction, more body awareness and better connection to yourself and other.

Why do we offer this treasure box? We would like to give something back to the community and contribute to having meaningful connections and relationships and enhance pleasure full ways to work with each other and share time with each other.
Register for free here: http://nicole-helmerich.com/free-workshop/ and share this with your network!

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Nicole Helmerich

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