Podcast: New Work and Sustainability

Join me on the journey to new work and sustainability!

About this podcast

Imagine your organization as a living system (not a machine) designed for people to thrive, grow, innovate, and laugh. Bringing themselves and your business forward. Rather than reducing our negative impact, how about spawning new systems and structure to create more value, and constructively contributing to life’s evolution.

I believe we can create better working environments and companies that are better for communities and for the planet!

Therefore, in this podcast you can explore:

  • cutting edge new work practices and sustainability practices for your organization, for your team, and for you as a leader
  • hands-on conversations with international experts in new work and sustainability
  • new insights, ideas, perspectives, methods, tools, skills, hacks, learning nuggets

so we can all get out of our silos and learn from each other!

This podcast if for:

leaders, HR and sustainability managers, agile folks, and everyone who wants to make a difference inside the workplace, while protecting our planet.

Join me on the journey to new work and sustainability!

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When I followed the supply chains for textiles, tea, coffee, and others from company headquarters to certification organisations in the global north, to production fields and factories in the global south, I realized how important sustainability is for people, communities, and for the planet.

Throughout my life starting from age of 14, I’ve always brought people together to learn from each other, to build something together, and laugh. When we connect and trust each other we can create awesome things in organisations. And this works best with a New Work mindset.

Over the past fifteen years I have had the opportunity to meet and work with so many inspiring and thought-provoking professionals and researchers. These experts in new work or sustainability work in business, research, the public or non-profit sector. I am very honoured and excited to have them on my podcast to share our insights, ideas, and practises with you – so we can all get out of our silos and learn from each other!

About Nicole

  • is a new work coach, sustainability consultant and facilitator
  • brings new work and sustainability together
  • works with leaders, teams and organizations
  • founded and runs communities of practice on liberating structures, facilitation and new work practices: LS go online and Facilitation Lab and New Work Practices

After studying political science, economics, and public law, followed 12 years of research and teaching on implementation of environmental and labor standards in supply chains, business ethics and corporate responsibility, a PhD and research trips to producing countries in Europe, North and South America and Africa (agriculture, textile, tourism etc.).

Since 2008, in parallel to her academic career, she has been advising companies, ministries and organizations on organizational development, new work, and sustainability.

As a systemic coach and facilitator, she accompanies teams and develops leadership and mentoring programs as well as workshops, BarCamps and meetings.

Since 2020, she stays connected to universities and teaches as an external lecturer and she has been exclusively self-employed as a consultant, coach and facilitator in the EU and Switzerland. She works in English, German, French and Spanish.

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