Two ways to strengthen your resilience and better connect to people
24. Mai 2020
How many useless thoughts do you have during the day and do you believe your thoughts?
21. September 2020
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What is your passion? How your passion can contribute to strengthening your resilience…

Imagine you have a metering rule made of paper that is one meter long, like the ones you find in Ikea. Cut the metering rule according to your current age. For me this means, I turn 40 years old this year, so I cut off the first 40 centimeters. Now, what is the life expectancy in your country? In Germany, it is currently 83.4 years for women. Therefore, I cut off the remainder of the metering rule from 83.4 to 1 meter.

What is left after this procedure? The lifetime that I probably have left.

What has the metering rule to do with passion?

What does this have to do with passion you might ask?
Life is endless. Therefore, here are some questions you could ask yourself:

  • Do you like to live your life without knowing what your passion is and without living your passion?
  • Do you live your passion now or postpone it to retiring age?
  • What are you passionate about in your job? What are you passionate about in your private life? And how much of that do you currently have in your life?

What does passion have to do with resilience?

Living your passion means living your life to the fullest. This can allow you to have plenty of energy, feel your motivation, feel your heart, have your compass in place and know what you want and what you do not want. You can be in your full strength.

Holding back or postponing passion for now means reducing your energy, your motivation, and you drive. If you are holding back and postponing it during your entire life until your retirement, it means not living your dreams now but allowing yourself only to live them in a faraway future.

This can affect your mood, your health, you psyche and your soul, in short your resilience. If you live your passion, you live in the now. If you postpone your passion, you are not in the now, you are not in the present. Then you are also not in your body but rather in your thoughts, dreaming about, how it could be to live your passion once you are retired.

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