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22. Mai 2020
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5. Juni 2020
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Two ways to strengthen your resilience and better connect to people

How do you do in times of #COVID19? What has changed for you and what has stayed the same? Take a moment and think about it. How is the #newnormal for you? And how do you #connect to your colleagues, superior, team members, your friends and family? How is your #energylevel and how #resilient do you feel on a scale from 1-10?

Stop the noise in your head to strengthen your resilience

There are many ways to strengthen your resilience. Here is ONE way: STOP THE NOISE IN YOUR HEAD! How busy are you in your head? Do your thoughts dominate you or do you use your brain wisely? Can you stop the noise in your head if you do not like to listen to the repetitive thoughts and worries about the past or the future anymore?

You can better connect to others if you stop the noise in your head

If your noise in your head is too loud, it makes it more difficult and sometimes even impossible to connect to others. If you are too busy with your thoughts in your mind, it is hard to listen to your counterpart. What did your colleague just tell you during the conversation? You constantly stray away from the conversation, your attention span is very small and you listen to your thoughts instead.

How could you tackle this? Here is ONE way: COME BACK TO THE CONVERSATION! When you notice that you have strayed away from a conversation with a counterpart, decide purposefully to come back and listen, stop judging yourself and your counterpart and stop evaluating the conversation. This makes your conversations more authentic and you can better connect with your counterpart.

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