Free online workshop

We offer a free 60-minute online workshop on resilience, stress reduction and mindfulness.

Title: Treasure Box. Discover your inner-self and connect your mind and soul.

When: Every second Monday 6.30—7.30 pm (Central European Time) in Zoom

How: Register here:

Summer Break! We continue on September 7, 6.30-7.30 pm.
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We will host seven independent treasure box sessions. Once you have registered,
the zoom link you receive via email, works for all sessions:

  • Monday, Sep7, 2020: New Utopias. Creating futures together!
  • Monday, Sep 21, 2020: Reduce the noise in your head!
  • Monday, Oct 5, 2020: Live your joy!
  • Monday, Oct 19, 2020: Trust makes cooperation!
  • Monday, Nov 2, 2020: Freedom starts with observing your emotions!
  • Monday, Nov 16, 2020: Be present – open up new spaces!
  • Monday, Nov 30, 2020: The art of breathing

Our journey so far: We started out with this wonderful endeavor on May 25, 2020. So far we had over 150 participants.
Throughout six weeks we had weekly online sessions of the treasure box. These are the topics which we have tackled so far:
+ May 25, 2020: Better connection to yourself and to others
+ June 1, 2020: The power of breathing
+ June 8, 2020: What does passion mean to you? How do you live your passion?
+ June 15, 2020: Reducing the noise in your head
+ June 22, 2020: How do you challenge hindering assumptions in yourself?
+ June 30, 2020: Breathing Exercises and Connections – Strengthen Resilience and Vital Capacity