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21. September 2020
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1. Februar 2023
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When we as a team are working at our best, it is like… what?

When you are working at your best, you are like… what? When we as a team are working at our best, it is like… what?

What are your personal answers? What are the answers of your team?

If you would like to get deeper on this in your team, you could use clean language and combine it with the liberating structure 1, 2, 4, all (recommendation: use 4 minutes for the 2 and 6-8 minutes for the 4 and 8 minutes for the all, more details here

I invite you to reflect on the question:

When we as a team are working at our best, it is like… what?

1️⃣ Reflect on your own
2️⃣ Share in pairs
Marc: For me we work at our best when we support each other and build on each other.
Jenny: What kind of support?
Marc: Well, when we face a product development challenge, I appreciate when we get together as a team and use a good process (maybe Liberating Structures WINFY) and collaborate to solve the challenge together. For me this is the kind of support I really enjoy.
Jenny: Is there anything else about supporting each other?
Marc: Yes, last year when I took care of my mother because she had a stroke, I appreciated a lot your support, having my back and taking over some of my tasks so that I could reduce my hours to take care of her. How about you Jenny: When we as a team are working at our best, it is like… what?
Jenny answers and Marc then also asks the two magic clean language questions with the structure: What kind of X?
Is there anything else about X?

3️⃣ Then in a group of four: compare your thoughts and find similarities and differences.
4️⃣ And then share your similarities and differences with the whole team.
You could use post its and a white board for this.

?This exercise brings up things, you belief help your team work at its best. This could lead to a conversation about things you might need to change and adapt.
?Liberating Structures and clean language help individuals in teams to grow and the team to perform at its best.

Test it out with your team and tell me, how it worked in the comments. I am curious to hear about it!

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I work with leaders, teams and organizations. I am a new work coach, a sustainability consultant and a facilitator. In my work I bring new work and sustainability together. I run a podcast on „New Work and Sustainability“. I belief in learning and growing in communities of practice. I founded and run communities of practice on liberating structures, facilitation and new work practices: LS go online and Facilitation Lab and New Work Practices.

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