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23. Februar 2023
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How to transform to a sustainable leadership and a regenerative organization

How to transform to a sustainable leadership and a regenerative organization

How do we lead organizations to still be here tomorrow and in the long run? One way to design this is through sustainable and regenerative leadership. Lead in a way that yourself, your team, and your organization can grow and thrive and do business in a way that you regenerate the planet. Impossible? WHY? Here are some ingredients for your journey as a sustainable and regenerative leader


  • Know what brings you passion as an organization and create a positive narrative.
  • Nature’s R&D experiences for regenerative ecosystems, services and products is 3.8 billion years old. How about we get inspired there when designing and innovating?
  • Create a living systems design and integrate sustainability and regeneration into your business DNA: explore nature-inspired approaches such as circular economy, biomimicry, and cradle to cradle.
  • Align your strategy to your purpose to serve your business, your employees, your stakeholders and your community.
  • Create a thriving living systems culture inspired by systems thinking, complexity theory, deliberately developmental organizations, adult developmental psychology, adult learning, and evolutionary organizations.
  • Create an organizational ecosystem allowing your employees to grow in your business and give them space for developing systemic awareness, self-awareness and regenerative leadership consciousness.
  • Create embedded learning and growth environments: build in possibilities of iterative learning, working and sense-making to allow for connecting the dots and addressing complex problems with the knowledge of your employees, stakeholders and communities.


  • Develop a mindset and learn and practice methods and tools supporting evolutionary transformation and change since change is inherent within life and living systems
  • Get out of your silos and connect the dots.
  • Develop and practice the ability of complex systems thinking.
  • Have team rituals that include elements of sustainability and regeneration.
  • Have spaces for self-reflection, life-long learning, and meaningful conversations.
  • Develop and practice self-awareness and systemic awareness of the team and the ecosystems you are embedded in.
  • Get inspired by natures’ cycles when creating products and services and designing your value creation cycles.


  • Nurture, grow and embrace a positive leadership role.
  • Lead and design for team wellbeing, health, and thrivability.
  • Embrace change and support your team to embrace change – it is inherent within life.
  • Create a space in which psychological safety, sense making, testing and FAIL (first attempt of learning) is possible to allow the team to grow and thrive as well as develop and deliver the best products and services.
  • Learn methods and tools to support team processes like, liberating structures, systemic business and team constellation work, design thinking, agile and scrum methodologies, play and serious games, deep democracy, adult learning, and adult developmental psychology.

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