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6. März 2023
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Podcast Episode 3: Sustainable and regenerative leadership with Jean-Philippe Steeger

#NWASUST Episode 3: sustainable and regenerative leadership play for organizations

This is the third episode of the podcast: New Work and Sustainability

Our topic – sustainable and regenerative leadership

Why should you learn as a leader from nature’s R&D experiences for regenerative ecosystems, services and products which are 3.8 billion years old? What is sustainable and regenerative leadership and why does it matter in your current organizational transformation?

Regenerative and sustainable leadership is:

① a mindset, of how to lead and build an organization as a living system (not a machine) that is regenerative and fit for the long run
② a specific approach to transform your business including practices and tools at the organizational level, team level and leadership level for you to go on this journey.
③ a positive narrative and a way for leaders and organizations to productively and actively answer to the climate crisis, massive pollution to soil, air and water and threats to biodiversity on all levels of your organization.
④ based on multiple disciplines of science such as systems theory, complexity theory, cybernetics, developmental psychology, holistic science and many more.

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?? ?️? Join the podcast “New Work and Sustainability” with Jean-Philippe Steeger on “sustainable and regenerative leadership” to learn what this is all about, why it matters and how you can start your journey as a regenerative leader.

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My guest today: Jean-Philippe Steeger

Jean-Philippe Steeger is on a mission to pioneer sustainable leadership and regenerative communications in Europe. He has played an active role in EU sustainability affairs, leadership development and communications. He is working for CEC European Managers and Sustainable Leaders, and the perspectivist. He lives in Brussels. Connect with him on LinekdIn and find out more about his work.

Resources we mention:

  • Giles Hutchins/Laura Storm (2019) Regenerative Leadership
  • Sustainable leaders study and resources for leaders for a fair and green transition
  • Michelle Holiday (2016) The Age of Thrivability: Vital Perspectives and Practices for a Better World

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