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Podcast Episode 2: Play it forward. Play for organizations with Nancy Beers

#NWASUST Episode 2: play it forward. play for organizations

This is the second episode of the podcast: New Work and Sustainability

Our topic – Play it forward. Play for organizations

Mobilize and experience your superpowers as a team. Play allows you to experience your strengths as a team, and where you might want to change some things to mobilize your team superpowers even more!

Playing is the best way to learn, share and be creative!  Want to find out more how play can help your team? Want to learn some small games you can try out face to face or remote that have a great effect on your team resilience, team building and how you relate to each other?

Also, as a facilitator when you play a game with a team you put a looking glass on that team. You will see in an instant, how well they are able to work together, how they communicate, who is in the lead, who is the official leader, who is the unofficial leader, and it shows you a lot about relations. As solution-oriented and strength-oriented coaches and facilitators, we facilitate games, extended debriefs and next steps to support teams to grow and learn from that experience for their daily work.

Play can help your team to get to know each other better, understand your relationships, experience your communication, and overcome obstacles together. Start the change with one game at a time and play it forward.

Want to play a game with me? Here is my question: how many games do we present during the podcast and how are they called? I offer the first person who lists all games in a comment to the LI post of this episode a free coaching session.

Find out more about play

?? ?️? Join the podcast “New Work and Sustainability” with Nancy Beers on “play it forward. Play for organizations” to learn how play can support teams in their team development and what games you can play face to face and online.

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My guest today: Nancy Beers

Nancy Beers is a highly appreciated colleague of mine. She is a play facilitator for corporate teams, a keynote speaker, and a scrum master. She lives in the Netherlands and works in Europe. Connect with her on LinekdIn and find out more about her work.

Episode in detail

0:00-00:43 About this podcast and about me
00:43- 1:33 Play it forward and introduction of my guest Nancy Beers
1:36-2:40 Check in with three hashtags
2:40- 4:35 What is play and why does it matter?
4:35-7:14 How to use play in organizations every day: start small
7:14-21:58 Face to face games for teams, mobilize and strengthen your superpowers as a team and gain new insights for your team development
21:59-31:40 Play online with teams, try it out, connect as a team in a fun and creative way and how to respect psychological safety
31:40- 36:44 What drives Nancy and our takeaway of this episode

Resources we mention:

Games mentioned:

  • Have a creative check in: Build a tower on your desk and then answer the question: what does this tower tell about you?
  • Appreciate people in remote settings: tag the next person in an online meeting by tagging on your camera with your finger and mentioning the person you tag by name
  • Card game happy salmon: interactive, simple, ultra-fast, and very silly card game for team development
  • Reversed musical chairs/the queen/queens and zombies: game to overcome obstacles together
  • Improv theatre exercises: all kinds just google
  • Exercises with music: all kinds just google or do the LS in development “back to back listening”
  • Silly yoga: invent yoga poses with animal names and movement and do it together. Get off of your chair!
  • The change game: change 10 more things about yourself

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