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13. März 2023
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5. April 2023
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Podcast Episode 4: Ecology meets Liberating Structures with Jeremy Akers

#NWASUST Episode 4: ecology meets liberating structures

This is the fourth episode of the podcast: New Work and Sustainability

Our topic – ecology meets liberating structures

#NWASUST ?️??????? ??????? 4 ?? ????: ecology meets liberating structures with Jeremy Akers.

How do you bring new work and sustainability together?

In this episode we suggest using liberating structures as thinking and practice tools to activate, enable, and embody ecological thinking. LS allow you and your teams to navigate hands on ecology and systems thinking.

In detail we talk about:

?What are liberating structures and why and how do they matter for your work?

?What is ecology and how can liberating structures support your sustainability work?

?What are social impact DAOs and how are they a place where new work and sustainability come together?


Find out more about ecology meets liberating structures

?? ?️? Join the podcast “New Work and Sustainability” with Jeremy Akers  on “ecology meets liberating structures” to learn what this is all about, why it matters and how you can start your journey as a regenerative leader.

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My guest today: Jeremy Akers

Jeremy Akers spreads the gospel of change full heartedly. He’s happiest enabling agency, in assemblages towards prosocial outcomes by using interaction game design and Liberating Structures. He believes that the future of leadership looks like coaching and facilitation, his work as an agile coach foregrounds communication, coordination, and collaboration. He is a pioneer and active in social impact DAOs and web3 movements such as Regens Unite, Refi Spring and regenerative finance (ReFi). He lives in Amsterdam and works in Europe. Connect with him on LinkedIn and find out more about his work everywhere online under thegospelofchange.

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