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Podcast Episode 5: when organizations go agile with Isabel Michiels

#NWASUST Episode 5: when organizations go agile

This is the fifth episode of the podcast: New Work and Sustainability

Our topic – when organisation go agile

#NWASUST ?️??????? ??????? 5 ?? ????: when organizations go agile with Isabel Michiels.

Why should you do an agile transformation in a people centred way? How can people have a voice and support the transformation step by step and why does this make the transformation easier and more likely to be successful? How does the approach continuous improvement in an agile transformation work?

In this episode we talk about why and how organizations go agile and what this means for leaders and teams. We suggest when introducing agility to not only deploy agile ways of working but also the underlying principles from the agile manifesto. Drawing on Isabel’s rich experience in going agile we talk about her learnings and hacks that help leaders and teams when going agile. She also shares a fuckup story.

We touch on the following in detail:

  • Why a „big bang“ transformation does not work.
  • How an agile transformation in the form of continuous improvement generates better results
  • Why we need a mindset shift when we move from seeing people as a resource in the project management mode to putting people first and involving them in the agile transformation and how this can look like
  • How to create trust during an agile transformation and how to retain trust over time
  • Why the topic sustainability plays an increasing role in agile organizations


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My guest: Isabel Michiels

Isabel Michiels works in IT for 25 years in the insurance and banking sector. She has worked and lead people in an agile way for many years and has shaped and witnessed various transformations to agile ways of working. She lives in Portugal and works across Europe. Connect with her on LinkedIn or join her in management 3.0.

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