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Game to support your team during changes of team composition

Here is a game for you to play when you have changes in your team: the bond. This game supports teams to find a new balance and be aware of needs when changes in your team composition occur such as new team members join the team or team members are leaving the team.

The bond: address and support your team during changes of team composition

Material needed and set up: lycra tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roAUlcCe3UY. (You can order the lycra tube online). Choose a facilitator who walks the team through the game (Ideally: a team member or an external facilitator. Suggestion: facilitator should not be the team leader). Choose one observer who stays outside of the lycra tube and takes notes of observations to enrich the debrief with a different angle. (Suggestion observer should not be the team leader. The team leader should partake in the lycra tube).


1️⃣ PART 1: 2-5 minutes: Use a lycra tube and lean into the tube without sitting down. Ask the first person to change their position, walk to the other side and lean into the lycra tube there. Play with changes of positions in different speeds and with a different number of people at the same time. Facilitator keeps time and animates the team to try out different changes of positions without falling out of the lycra tube or letting the lycra tube fall to the ground. Keep it safe! Do not speed up in a way so that people trip or fall.

2️⃣ PART 2: Debrief questions to ask after the game (10-15 minutes):

The facilitator walks the team through the debrief by asking questions. When you as a team member answer the respective question, do not judge, only describe your observations in a first step of the debrief. What did you think and feel when the first person changed the position in the lycra tube? What did you think and feel when the various persons changed the position in the lycra tube? How did you stabilize the lycra tube and your standing position after each change? Was this easy or hard to stabilize the lycra tube? Personally, which changes were easier for you and why? The slower or the faster changes? When one person changed their position or when various persons changed their position simultaneously? How is this similar or different to changes in your team composition? When a member joins the team? When a member leaves the team? Adapt the questions according to your team changes and team situation.

What did you learn with the game that is relevant for your changes in your team? What works well for you? What is more difficult and why? What would make things easier for you in phases of changes in team composition? What do you need from other team members or your leader to support you and your team when the team composition changes? Adapt the questions according to your team changes and team situation.

3️⃣ How did it go? Share your experience with me.

4️⃣ Want more?

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